3D printed Guiter - India’s first gig with 3D-printed instruments

A unique feature to Inside #3D Printing Mumbai is the special Inside 3D Printing Experience Zone, which will be an educational and creative space to get to know all there about 3D Printing and its applications. Divide By Zero Technologies is making the most out of 3D Printing Experience Zone.The concert at Inside 3D Printing will feature a band made up of musicians from Berklee College of Music, United States. It will feature instruments created by Divide By Zero Technologies, including Uklele, Electronic Guitar, Darbuka, Flute & Shaker. Swapnil Sansare CEO & Founder at Divide By Zero Technologies explains that the instruments were printed using Accucraft i 250+ 3D printer. Watch out the teaser video of 3D printed ukulele music instrument.
In celebration of this event in Mumbai, there is also an exciting challenge for all the Indian designers. MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing Design Challenge powered by Divide By Zero Technologies where Indian designers can participate and win 3D printers. Designers can fill out the free online entry form by Nov 6, 2015.Check out the video link http://ow.ly/UaUgP
3D printed Guiter - India’s first gig with 3D-printed instruments

November 3, 2015

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