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PCB Update - 12/04/14 - F/IndieGoGo

The new PCB's and LCD displays have just arrived -as in "right now". We had time to pop one into a CraftBot, and it worked very well. Now we have to test the others (batch of 500), and then hopefully we can commence with the shipping (and once we are convinced, we can place another order for more of these pieces, as we will need those also). Aside from that, things are beginning to look very professional here at CraftUnique; the shop floor, and the assembly of the CraftBots is coming along quite well. We've put a lot of work into getting to this point: implementing our manufacturing base. And although life can be more exciting with surprises around every corner, our work has been geared to build consistency into the new year. I think that we all could use it at this point!

Thank you again for all of your patience.

December 4, 2014

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