Hiya everyone!

I just got my CraftBot+ today via Amazon Warehousedeals for 800€ (which I believe is a good price) and unpacked it immediately. I was scared at first because in the Amazon description it only said "used - good" and well, one never knows what one can get but what a surprise - everything seemed like new. There was even the unopened CraftBot filament (and some test ones!) in there. The rubber bands were around the buildplate, etc. If I didn't know that it is a used one I would have thought I got a new product. I haven't tested it yet so it might be a horrible unit that doesn't even turn on, but somehow that would really surprise me.

Now. What really baffled me was the invoice that was in the little pouch on the outside of the box. It basically has an original CraftUnique invoice for Amazon. Apparently 6 CraftBot+ units were ordered for like 760€ each. Billing address is Amazon, shipping address is Amazon Poland and tthe issuer of the invoice is CraftUnique.

What is this about? Are those return units that someone sent back to CraftUnique and they are reselling them in bulk to Amazon as used? I am quite curious to be honest, perhaps someone can enlighten me. :) Thanks in advance!

September 10, 2016

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