Below is Polymaker's announcement of their PolyCast filament in their Polysher Kickstarter project update.

PolyCast - the second filament in the Polymaker polishable family.

Launched today, PolyCast is a new filament specifically designed for the metal casting industry. Aimed at short production runs, PolyCast offers a cheaper and quicker solution than the traditional method of creating wax patterns from steel tools. With PolyCast you can eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming tooling by using the 3D printed part as the investment pattern. We have engineered PolyCast to have a very clean burn out, a factor which has held back using plastic parts for investment moulding.

November 15, 2016

3DForms 3DForms
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Nice video, but as someone at CU has shown it already, PLA is apparently just as good for this purpose. As it contains only carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, I think, that at 900C PLA would burn out just as clean, as this special mix, although you cannot polish it easily.

I've seen and touched that cast and it was quite nice, although they did not bother burning out the PLA first, the molten aluminium did that. With that elaborated ceramic crust it would be even better, I'm sure.

November 16, 2016

psanyi psanyi
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Yes, saw that post before.

This PolyCast is a little different from regular PLA. Its surface can be smoothed with their Polisher to create a nicer surface finish. It probably would lose a tiny bit accuracy due to smoothing though.

November 16, 2016

3DForms 3DForms
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Accuracy is a problem in any case due to all the temperature-related contractions and expansions. Critical dimensions of cast parts are usually machined afterwards.

November 16, 2016

Franci Kopac Franci Kopac
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Polymaker is one of those attractive plastic filament industries that keeps inventing unusual products. Tip is that you should be able to use a general desktop plastic ejection-based 3D printer to behave steel casting foundry. This is amazingly less cost than buying a full 3D metal printer,

December 22, 2017

James89 James89
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