Walls and domes in technical "things"

Hi all,
first of all, I like CraftWare a lot. It is fast, easy to use and still has a lot of options.
However, I have 2 suggestions that may improve more technical prints:

1. Domes. I designed housings, mounts, whatever, that feature some type of domes for screws. Often, such a dome is placed on a flat surface, and often, this surface is even horizontal.
When slicing, CraftWare would generate the surface around the dome base and spare out the dome area to then fill it with the fill pattern.
I think it would be both faster in printing an give me much more durable domes, if the surface on which the domes sit were printed as a complete surface and the dome on top of it. The software would need to identify relatively small things that sit on top of a flat surface to avoid these infilled holes in the surface. I think that the flat surface on which domes sit would even become nicer since it usually needs less travels.

2. Walls. As said, I did some housings which typically have walls of about 1..2mm with. I usually fiddle to find a wall width and a nozzle diameter that results in those walls being printed as a fixed number of extruded lines only, with no infill need. This makes printing faster and walls nicer. Since it IS possible to tweak the print by modifying the nozzle diameter (without changing the physical nozzle), it would be GREAT if CraftWare could be allowed to do so automatically, in a range of, say, +-20%, to simplify wall printing.

Again, great peace of software, best regards, Andre

August 3, 2017

Andre Andre
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