Adjustable extrude Speed / Fan Speed at Layers


i love Craftware!

from all the slicers i have tried it is without a doubt the best for my tevo. i only have 1 tiny problem that i cant seem to rectify.

when i print the first 2 layers are perfect, after that the next 5 layers tend to mush into each other. by layer 7 onwards the print is perfect.

i have tried to adjust the parts fan to start at different speeds and layer height but it has made no difference.

what i would like is to be able to adjust my extrusion speed at different layers. also to vary my fan speed at different layers.

i have tried this with S3D and it resulted in the bottom of my print being perfect but the overall finish was not as good as my craftware prints.

is there something i could add to the gcode of all of my prints perhaps ?

August 14, 2017

Shaun Shaun
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