Hey guys what need to be considered before buying 3D printer? Could you guys share some bad and good experience?

October 21, 2017

ryanz ryanz
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Craftbot is considered as a good example. The build quality tells a lot about a 3D printer. Rigid bodied printers will give you very nice print quality, but of course the are heavier than the open ones. Personally I prefer direct extruder drive and also I don't like if the build platform moves in one axis. GCODE plays an important role in the print quality, so a decent slicer is a must. Finally the filament is also important, try them from different manufacturers even using the same GCODE any you may see differences in print quality.

New CraftBots has some great features like filament tracking and "resume print" capabilities in case of power outage. If configured, it sends you email message if such event happens.

October 21, 2017

Bona Fide Bona Fide
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New CraftBots has some great features like filament tracking

The CB3 you mean?

"resume print"

You mean all the CB's with a battery, except the original CB?

. If configured, it sends you email message if such event happens.

Also the CB3 I suppose.

But the CB3 is not available yet.

@ryanz: The CB PLUS (as now available) is a great and very sturdy printer. I have sold a lot of them. The only weak point I know with the current CB+ are the lineair bearings of the XY movement. They work fine if you oil them each 50 print hours. But if you place the CB in a room with a lot of dust the bearings will wear and make noise after a while. Luckily they are easy to replace for a low price with plastic ones that don't wear, as the IGUS bearings.

October 21, 2017

Bartaar Bartaar
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thanks for the suggestion :D

October 23, 2017

ryanz ryanz
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The prime consideration before buying a 3D printer are:
• Its price
• Print volume
• Print speed
• Resolution
• Print bed
• Compatible printing materials
• Compatible software
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September 25, 2018

Sumit Sumit
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I was in the same boat and I watched this dope video and it actually really helped :)

November 7, 2019

creatorgirl creatorgirl
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