I used 1.16 for a newly designed part on my Win10 system.. This is what it looks like:

Initial results with 1.16

During the slicing process this I found the following issues:

1. Slice/Store does not store change slicer settings even though is does change the colors of updated settings from yellow to white.

2. Slice/Store defaults to the name of the currently loaded STL file and not the name if the current Slice settings data. This may be a feature and not a bug, but it is different from past behavior.

3. Blue fuzz is still a problem - here's a screenshot of a slice with Parallel

Initial results with 1.16

4. Strange results happen when slicing with Concentric

Initial results with 1.16

Initial results with 1.16

5. Slicing speed is noticeably slower than either 1.14 or 1.15, but it is still faster than my other slicers by far.

6. Switching from Parallel to Concentric and re-slicing produced this:

Initial results with 1.16

7. Switching from OpenGL to Legacy graphics did not affect any of the above.

I am printing the part now and it will finish sometime tomorrow. I will update this post with results then.

February 11, 2018

Birk Binnard Birk Binnard
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