This is very old problem i have with craftware that keeps me from using it.
It fails to retract before travel specified minimum distance for retraction to occur.

Far travel is checked and set to 2mm (meaning it should retract if travel is greater then 2mm)
But it does not retract regardless of the "Far Travel" option checked or the distance set.
2mm or 50mm, no retraction occures when traveling from wall to wall (inner/outer does not matter)

Regardless of the print order (Perimeter/Loop/Infill) or (Loop/Perimeter/Infill) same problem.

The idea is: Once wall started to print, it needs to be finished before switching to another wall.
Retraction should take place when nozzle switches from one wall to another due to travel from A to B (wall to wall)

Fill does not need retraction except for bottom/top layers filling. (This is how its working right now and its good, so no change needed)
Support needs retraction (do not remove it please, it make it optional if u wish)

If any developer is willing to work on this problem, i am more then willing to provide my very simple project and slicer settings file via emails exchange.

March 22, 2018

Tony Tony
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Do you use the latest CW 1.17?

Between HShell->HShell and Infill->Infill there is no retraction in an island, but if you turn on avoid crossing perimeters the toolpath generator will find a way within the island without crossing the perimeter thus won't leave marks on the surface. Please contact me here.

March 22, 2018

Janos Janos
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Apparently this is still a problem. A shame because I actually like Craftware, but no retraction is no go for me.


October 27, 2019

Michael10 Michael10
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