Firmware for CB3 and for older CBs are bundled into a single binary.

To update the firmware in your machine please use CraftPrint while your machine is connected via USB cable to your computer.

Firmware version for CB3 is 14252

And the changes are

  • Fixed support for Octoprint in Dual extruder mode.
  • XYZ limit check under mirror parallel print mode.
  • Overcurrent watch. Error will be displayed on LCD and can be read by M-code. Issue M8010 to check error states.
  • pause message error fixed.
  • temperature setings bug fixed in xy , encoder calibration menu.
  • some minor fixes

Firmware version for older CBs is 11844

Features and bugfixes

  • Head heating before bed leveling
  • G92 XYZ works fine with pause position and file precheck
  • Calendar settings available
  • Encoder on-off error fixed (in education pack)
  • New character input method menu as same as in CB3
  • M1001 code (Get Printer Version)
  • T (XYZF) params and special CraftWare codes are supported
  • Support new CraftPrint (v1.12)

Common changes for all CraftBot machines

  • FAT file system pre-check when USB flash drive is plugged in
  • Head minimum temperature setting is 120°C
  • The printer generates a log file after every print. In case of error happens this log file will be written onto the USB flash drive

May 4, 2018

Janos Janos
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I am a bit wary of installing a new firmware on my CB2 right now, as it seems to be working quite well, and CU has a history of breaking something when a new version is released. And also, my machine has lost count of operating hours twice during firmware updating, and while not critical, it is annoying.

However, I'm still curious about some of these changes, perhaps mostly what the T-params are. Would be nice if these could be documented somewhere.

Janos, you also mentioned that getting usable wifi speeds for the CB2 was coming, but I see no mention of that here. When will that become available?

May 5, 2018

mroek mroek
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I guess those T params mean, that the new firmware will not barf on seeing the head (tool) selection codes if the slicer includes it for one head printer. Either ignores T0 or ignores T altogether.

Examples from the head wrench gcode:
M104 S250 T0
M109 S250 T0

May 6, 2018

psanyi psanyi
999 posts

Ah, thanks psanyi. Not really very exciting then. :-)

May 6, 2018

mroek mroek
535 posts
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