Small feed-related problem - and my resolution

OK - so I got a really REALLY bad print that best described as a Neolithic representation of my thing.
So, I re-ran render->GCODE and got the same.

When I started looking for a more mechanical cause I removed my filament (yes, I pre-heated the nozzle). And as I wrapped up the filament I felt some roughness as it passed through the filament feed bracket (mounted outside as part of assembly). I knew that part of this filament had teeth marks on it. So, I dismissed that and superstitiously leveled the machine again. I grabbed some new filament and started to pre-feed manually (through holder and tube). This filament too had a 'grabbing/skidding' flow.
To finish this with the solution:
- Found a lose feed bracket adapter (that little black thing that extends from feed bracket. This was partially stripped and the whole was oversided. I had previously noticed this was loose frequently.
- I put some blue tape in the hole and hand-tightened it on.
The print looks good so far. I watched it while relocating my foscam.

December 26, 2014

fmotta fmotta
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