Hello Everyone,

This release fixes the jerk bug which and also a CraftBot 3 related bug where feed rate setting had no effect on the print speed.

Please use CraftPrint 1.12 to update firmware on your CraftBot machines.


July 9, 2018

Janos Janos
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This version seems to work well on my CB2, but obviously I haven't printed a lot with it yet.

I do recommend CB2 users to try this, and to update the WiFi firmware as well (all done from CraftPrint 1.12). And then, provided the generated gcode files are not too big, use CraftPrint to transfer the files wirelessly to the CB to print.

For simple models, the gcode is usually not too big, and in those cases the WiFi transfer speed (I'm getting roughly 100 kB/s) is fully useable with this version, and saves you the hassle of moving the thumb drive between the computer and the printer. For example, if you're experimenting with slicer settings and print test cubes or other simple test prints, then WiFi transfer is more than fast enough. Note that the limiting factor is not the WiFi itself, the bottleneck is between the WiFi module in the printer and the LCD board (which hosts the USB drive).

July 10, 2018

mroek mroek
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