Fatal Error: Predator overcurrent error! / Printer stops mid print - display freezes

Hi everyone I'm bringing to the table an error that for the life or me I can't figure out...yet.

I have two problematic Craftbot Plus printers a Gray one that has the v3.1 pcb and an Orange one with v2.0 pcb. What happens is they would randomly stop during printing. On the Gray one the display and touch will work just long enough for me to click either Pause or Stop Print and right after it would display the Fatal Error! Predator overcurrent error(please see bellow).
Fatal Error: Predator overcurrent error! / Printer stops mid print - display freezes

On the orange one the printer stops mid print and the display will freeze, nothing will work. I have to turn off the printer and on again. The error is very random, the machine would sometimes work for 2-3 weeks(or even more) and then the error would appear out of the blue. I would also like to mention that both machines are still in warranty and were sent to Crafunique. They did a few test prints on them of a few hours and concluded that the machines are fine and sent them back. The gray one had the mainboard replaced but it still gives the error.

The thing is that I can't re-create the error, it's very random and it will happen when you least expect it. To fix it I've tried almost everything I could think of, from different USB drives to even switching parts around to see if I can find the culprit. Last thing I did was to change the battery on the pcb and so far I got no error. I think it's been almost a month and no error on the Gray one. The Orange one is running with an older LCD I had lying around and so far no issues, it hasn't stopped mid print once. My last resort if it still gives the error is to change the cable running from the Display to the PCB.

Has anyone had this problem or run into something similar?

December 6, 2018

Paul Greucean Paul Greucean
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