Videos and instructional material for CB3

Hi CraftUnique -

One thing that made being an owner of a CB+/CB2 is the amount of available resources to find help, especially CU's Youtube channel. I think I've about watched every video posted.

I posted here about my CB3 breaking and I realized I could not find any information about how to repair it - on the CB2 you can disengage the idler from pushing the filament into the hobbed gear - I cannot find any information about whether it's possible to do this on the CB3?

It seems that there is a single CB3 instructional video although its missing some of the calibration instructions (notably the dual Z calibration which would be easier to explain how to do with video instruction).

Are there any available resources for the CB3 outside the short, photocopied manual that comes with it? Schematics, calibration hints, etc?

January 7, 2019

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