Absolute CraftWare beginner - prints first layers then retracting too much and nomore

I was using cura quite succesfuilly on my anet A8/Prussa clone (LESHP Z1). Now I looked for a Linux slicer and was very delighted to find the amazing rendering of CraftWare!
But I guess I need some hint on what I did wrong adjusting or slicing...
I tried it twice, played with retract length (up to 5mm) and same prime length.
What happens is it prints the first ~2 layers and then notice a bigger retraction event and then I see no more material extruded. Checking the bowden I find the filament is somewhere within it but only close to the end of the tube?
I would be more patient experimenting but it happens that it is also at a time when I just loaded PETG for a first time. Anyhow I imagine it is some simple setting or calibration I am overlooking?
Thanks for any hint!

January 10, 2019

Tobias28 Tobias28
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