Hey guys -

swapped out my FCC card and upon boot up am now receiving:



Head: 0/0
Too Cold!
Or, Open-Circuit on temperature sensor!

After re-connecting the FFC (and also re-installing the OLD one just in case) - the error message persists - so that leads me to believe this is an error elsewhere. It's odd, because I've touched nothing other than the FCC card.

The only constant that I've touched between both FCC cards would be the thin/strap-like cable that attaches to the back of the FCC card. (Obviously a sort of power cable, but perhaps it does more than that?)

I opened the back of the machine and everything appears to be attached correctly and all the cables seem legit. I haven't traced the cables that sit inside the chain to make sure they're 100%, but I presume they are as I haven't touched them and no reason to believe they've been altered. (not only that, but not entirely sure how to access the inside of the chain to check them out.

Opened a ticket with support 2 days ago, but no replies just yet.

Any thoughts out there?


February 23, 2019

Jason73 Jason73
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