I am Cengiz from Zurich/Switzerland. I came to Switzerland with my wife in 2000 when I was 30, now we have two beautiful kids at 8 and 12. I am an electronics engineer working in the Silicon Realm, designing 3D TOF (Time of Flight) optical sensors (see http://www.espros.com). Our new sensor (320x240 pixel) might be usable in the future with a proper SW to capture 3D data from real objects and duplicate them using a 3D printer. Let see how far we can go in that direction...

I did several years embedded HW/SW design when I was living in Turkey. I even designed a PC controlled pen-plotter using stepper motors, acrylic-metal construction. This was my last semester project when I was in the faculty, was never fully completed - but good enough to finish my studies (still in my cellar, 25 years old!). Since 3D printers became popular in the past few years, I was always thinking back my old plotter project and thinking to build my own printer. Since kids and professional work occupy almost all of my time, I decided to by a finished, well made one. This is how I end up with CraftBot.

I bought my CraftBot just few days ago, very very excited! I plan to build some model parts (such as Quadcopter) in the future. I am actively using SketchUp as my favorite 3D design program. I started using it 6 years ago when we decided to buy our own apartment and design its interior. I am preparing small test objects in SketchUp, practicing with CraftWare slicer parameter to understand 3D modeling techniques for 3D printing and see how I can tune the CraftWare to get good results.

Cheers, Cengiz

May 3, 2019

an18 an18
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Welcome Cengiz,

SketchUp may result non-manifold stl models. If you want to enhance your modeling skulls try Autodesk Fusion 360.

There are some quad copter projects in this forum for inspiration.
Here is one: https://craftbot.com/forums/view-thread/1081

May 8, 2019

Janos Janos
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