I have had my CB3 now a few weeks now, so thought it might be a good time to list some observations and suggestions. I have a variety of other 3D printers, so I'm not new to this.

- The hardware is very solid for the CB3, and the price was reasonable. The hardware engineers have done an excellent job with the basics. Its well built and seems easily serviceable.
- The printer is very quiet, but the case fan is noisy and constantly changes speeds, making it more annoying.
- The User Interface could be a bit less cryptic. Why can't extruder and build plate temps and control all be on one screen like other printers, for example.
- I bought the dome cover and front door. Still waiting for the front door to be delivered. The dome fan had a connector different than what my printer used. The dome cover should be installed with thumbscrews, but they aren't included. Also the dome cover is much taller than it needs to be, and the dome fan filter cover doesn't fit correctly.
- Filament spools should be placed inside the printer, not on the outside. There is plenty of room on the right and left side of the build platform, it keeps them safe and uses less room, and looks more professional.
- The encoders and extruders should have connectors to hold the PTFE tubes. The tubes pop off otherwise, especially when pushing or pulling filament through them. With the dome cover on, this is VERY annoying and hard to correct.
- There is no cable management for the two encoder cables or any labels on the connectors.
- A glass bed option should be available.
- Auto bed leveling should be included for a printer in this price class.
- How about another mode where the same filament is added to both extruders, and both are used on a single model to give you a bigger build. The printer picks the extruder that can reach.
- Documentation is on the light side.

Like I say, this is a good printer, but with some pretty minor enhancements, it could be a great printer, even if it adds a small amount to the price. The professional and educational markets where this printer may fit won't have the patience to deal with these problems like a DIY user might. For example, Ultimaker ruled out an aluminum build plate for its S5 because it warped, but if I want a glass build plate for my CB3, I have to order one from a glass company. Listen to users and solve these simple problems.

May 6, 2019

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