Hi all

I had the problem described in the main craftbot thread with the unrecognized build plate.
So I tried to downgrade the firmware to the version before the newest.

Now I get the following error
Mainboard communication error.

And during the fw upgrade process it says
Step 8/10 Mainboard update

Mainboard error. :Operation failed

Any idea how to get back to a working system?

Thanks for helping

April 10, 2020

Oliver60 Oliver60
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Removed the usb cable going into the lcd on the front side and restarted several times. Then reinstalled the usb and did the regular firmware update process. Now ok!

April 11, 2020

Oliver60 Oliver60
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running in the same problem. simpler solution. donwload the firmware to a usb-stick and upgrade from there. worked for me! but hafe just trubble with this firmware, so make you self a faver and du not update ...

April 17, 2020

Andr75 Andr75
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