Hello everyone,

I plan to buy the Creality Ender 3 and I checked online. It was a pretty mixed opinion. But, mostly leaning towards it is worth the money. I would like to ask if it's worth or do you guys have any suggestions around that price range around that or up to 350 USD. I have very slight experience with 3d printing.

April 24, 2020

bretain bretain
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Hi Bretain,

before turning to Craftbot, I had a Creality 3 and I was quiet satisfied with it. Thanks to its open source nature, the Creality 3 can turn into a reliable workhorse with the right upgrades. This means, you'll require to invest some extra money. There also is a Pro version of the Ender-3, it costs something like 30 dollars more. Considering the Pro features, the inceased price isn't really justified. Thus, if I were you, I would buy the standard one and upgrade it.

Otherwise, if you can invest some extra money, I'll go for a more expensive Prusa. You'll pay more but you'll get a ready-to-use reliable printer with almost no need of mods. Creality printers unfortunately have some lacks.

There also are other brands selling 3D printers at a similar or even lower price, such as Anet and Tronxy. They even offer Creality copycats, but I do know nothing about their build quality and printing capability.

April 29, 2020

Michael Michael
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