This is done freehand - so things may not align correctly yet. Also, this is NOT print tested. So, it may need some tweaks or support. Freehand hack of the filament guide from Marcus and another Thing on Thingiverse

I printed this with colorfabb-XT.
more work on the feed/speed/heat for that material to print right - this is the first "successful" print on CB
I'll add related data later.
Too bad I can't find the file with those settings and upload them and reduce the impact of human replication with a keyboard.

20 minutes in netfabb and about 1.5 hours print to this level :)

  • The goal:
  • Replace the filament guide with one that can be used to clean or oil filament
  • The function/use:
  • Replace the existing metal filament drive with this and fill the top with a sponge fragment with appropriate fluid to clean and/or oil the filament prior to getting into the feed tube.
Filament Giude - with oiler/cleaner.

January 10, 2015

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