Why skirt offset is not taken into account when positioning the model in the view port ?
When i move model closest to X and Y its not red (because it is within the build platform boundaries so thats good) but when its sliced, it stays put (as it should because thats where i placed it) but skirt is generated beyond the build platform.

Can you guys either consider the skirt parameters when positioning the model in the viewport and give same RED color shade indicating that its too close ?

Reason why i ask this is because i had this happen almost daily when motor would try to print skirt outside of the bed and it would grind gears and potentially damage the belt or the printer all together.

Am sure solution is just as simple as to identify skirt outer most offset and use it as an offset for the boundary error in red.

Thanks for your hard work. Latest 10237 works great. Produces good quality prints.
Still waiting on any support updates.....any at all.

January 24, 2015

Tony Tony
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