Hi All,

I was just wondering on how accurate craftware is with regards to time and the amount of material used?
Think this is an important question when it comes close to the end of a spool.
And also in general if a print fails. and just as a general rule to know what is truely going on.

I didn't see the thread where the same question has been asked?

I also have a few other questions with the output after slicing:

Going from top to bottom:
Time: how accurate is this? - I've found mine is out with 30%.
Finish: again how accurate is this? - out with 30%.

Length: same question, how accurate? - with my calcs that I did, this was wrong with 20%.
Calcs were done on the weight of the item, and a max density of PLA with 1430kg/m3.
But surely should be that far out?

Travel: the amount of time the head travels? in a % unit?
PLA: what is this? this the cubic cm used if printed in PLA?
ABS: what is this? this the cubic cm used if printed in ABS?

I just want to fully understand what it all means and how accurate it all is.

Thanks again guys for being awesome!

May 13, 2015

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