I have been experimenting with Craftware for a short time now and have really come to love it. The visualization is like nothing else i have seen and the tweaking ability is getting stronger with each new release. I am very excited to watch this software develop.

Perhaps a few more tweaking features to consider -

The ability to vary settings, especially draw speed within various layers would be very useful at times where object geometry varies from a larger surface to a much smaller surface. For example, I was printing a stand for my daughter's dolls the other day which has a fairly large base to it. From the base there is a much smaller stem extruded from it. My printer was quite capable of printing the wider base portion at a fairly high draw speed, however could not handle printing the stem with the same speed due to all the short travels and direction changes. The ability to slow down the speed for these levels and perhaps slow down around corners to preserve detail would be quite useful.

Even further, the ability to vary infill patterns or other settings at various levels would be very powerful.

Another feature I like with Craftware is the clipping slider to view sections of the model or view sliced toolpaths inside the object's perimeter. I think along with myself, others would also benefit from being able to use this clipping slider to output only specific layers of NC code the the printer. In other words, just print specific parts of models or start/end printing at any desired layer.

Keep up the awesome work with this software.

Feature Ideas

May 18, 2015

Chris W. Chris W.
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