This remix will hold a number of hand tools, caliper, two different sizes of glue sticks and additional print heads. I wanted a tool holder to keep my work area tidy and I while I had previously printed Jay Raxter excellent Craftbot hex tool holder I wanted something that could also hold additional tools I frequently use when I do 3D printing. My remix is mostly based on coolreactions's "Robo Tool Holder" .. I modified theirs to fit onto the Craftbot as well as increase the size and number of the tool holder slots. I also use a larger sized glue-stick and while coolreactions tool holder includes a spot for standard sized glue sticks, I needed something to hold my larger one.. I incorporated mbasov's "Tool clamp" customized holder sized for the larger 0.77oz / 22g sized gluestick.

Craftbot tool holder
Craftbot tool holder

June 5, 2015

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