CB Plus, CB 2, XL, Main PCB v3.1

CB Plus, CB 2, XL, Main PCB v3.1

Version 3.1 main PCB for the CraftBot 3D printer.

PN: pr.000.022 | EAN: 5999566800832

Price: $99.00 USD
(ex. VAT)

Warning! This is the latest version of the panel. If you have an older printer, it might be possible that this version is not compatible with your printer. Please, check the version number of the panel before you purchase the product. The version number can be found on the back of the panel near the CraftUnique logo. If it is different, let us know in the comment section of the order.

PBC board is only compatible with the older v2.0 PCB.
Replacement of PCB on the CBXL printers. When changing over the PCB board on the CBXL please remove the Jumper connector from the 2 top pins in the centre of the board. Please place it in the same location on the new board. This board is the same Board we use in the CBplus and without this connector the printer will think it is a CBplus.