In our Craftbot 3D printers range there are available two IDEX machines, the Flow Idex and the Flow Idex XL, which is one of the largest IDEX plug-and-play printers currently available on the market.

In the history of Craftbot 3d printer development, IDEX printer has been made before. The Flow Generation is an improved, precisely crafted new version of the previous successful model with high-tech features, - like mesh bed leveling, new Pr3dator motherboard, unique designed printing bed – these make the printer easy to use, user-friendly, reliable and efficient machine.


The dual head machine is the ace among 3d printers and in addition the IDEX machine is the top of among dual head printers.

The IDEX printheads, which house two all-metal hotends, are locked together on a gantry in the Y axis but can freely move independently in the X axis, too – all this with an XY accuracy of 12.5 microns and a Z-axis accuracy of 5 micron.
Meaning that besides printing large objects, you can even print two of them at the same time, use two different materials for printing or create bicolour items or objects with PVA support – and double your productivity in the process.
All you need to do is switch to either Parallel or Mirror mode, and the printer produces the exact copy or the mirrored side of a part on the other side of the bed, thereby increasing production efficiency.

Double your performance with one of the Craftbot IDEX 3D printers:

250 MM
500 MM